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Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Bikiniiiis babyyyy @ 07.17

Rabu, 08 September 2010

Lebarannnn~ @ 19.53

Hai bloggieee!

Besok udah Lebaran :) As we know, lebaran itu wajib bagi muslim buat saling memaafkan. Soooo i wanna say MOHON MAAF LAHIR BATIN buat semua yg kenal gue.

Mungkin gue nyolot,mungkin gue toa, mungkin gue boong,mungkin gue bacot,mungkin gue aneh, mungkin gue sengaja gasengaja nyindir, for all the stuff i did that make everyone mad, i apologize. 

Hehe. Ok. Bye :* 



Selasa, 07 September 2010

A little Article @ 22.18

Bloggie :) Gue ada artikel nih buat tugas english, topiknya fashion. Gatau kenapa, pengen aja di publish beneran. So i start here :)

You or Your Magazine?

Every girl wants to look fabulous. It all depends on good taste and creativity.
Fashion needs both. But lately,girls doesn't depend on their creativity nor their taste. They are introduced to a monthly trend-setter, magazines.

Most of people would think that being fashionable means famous brands and pricy tags,not to mention following the trend that changes faster than the weather. All of that is wrong.

Now,more girls are putting their taste through the trend. Many didn't care whether it fits their body or if it fits the scene. Following the trend also means that they are wearing the same stuff that others wear for the sake of not having last season's look. These girls will turn out looking awful,with high priced clothes that didn't even match how they look,and make them feeel uncomfortable. Obsession for fashion can't cross the line of good taste more than this.

The real fashion starts with your own creation,and whatever brands with quality resulting into a mixture for a perfect outfit. Good taste and creativity, as already said is number 1.  It's not wrong to take a look at magazines. After all, creativity needs inspiration and having a good taste would make a good combination and voila! You and your own perfect outfit.

Still want to spend money for trend? Or creating a look that can be mix-matched into another creative look?


Sok kaya lu.
Jb jb.
Lesbong lagi,nyapa2 orang pake mamerin toket.

Who this mothafuckin talkin to?

I'll tell you,bitch. You wanna talk about all those famous brands you bought,how much it cost,u wanna go all 'Iiiihhh  loooh maahhh giituhhh saamaaa guuweehhh' to everyone and wearing slutty clothes (which didn't match you,anyway) to rub on people's faces, fine. But not to me, not to my friends.

Unfollow me? Oh that won't be necessary,dear. I already blocked you. From Twitter, and for the rest of my middle-school life :)

So go on then to your so called perfect  life. Ciao,biatch!


Jumat, 03 September 2010

Cousie is hereeee :* :* @ 21.20

Ahhh finally my cousin arrived at Jakarta from Swiss! Miss u my lovey dovey cousie :*

Instantly we went to MJ to meet up with Jeremy and  Ari-_- and Satnite to Sency and she went to visit my school.

Oh! She bought a new Sony Camera right,and guess what we did? Crazy danciiiiinnngggg :D

And sshe bought me thousands of gifts,aaaaa je t'aime ma cousine <3 <3

p.s.: if she saw this post she's gonna go "YOU BLONDE BITCH", not that it matters.


Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Cookies cookies cookies @ 02.22

Haiiii bloggiee!

Baking cookies here! Yeah,my mom finally tried making cookies. She started making kaastengels and then chocochip cookies and now she's trying to make kaastengels AND snow white on the same day.



Welcome,blog shufflers.

Welcome to my blog~ Ok so the blog tells you about me. And my music. And my style. And my life. I'm random,deal with it. Come back when i'm sober!


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